Can you get banned for buying wow gold?

An interesting thing happened to me the other day. When I put my login information into my World of Warcraft account it said my account was banned. Why?

First off I’ll start off by saying I didn’t buy gold, but the guy who stole my account sold gold. I logged off after playing Tol Barad about 11:00 pm my time. When I went to log in the next morning it said my account was banned. Immediately I wondered why. I fired off an email to support and I hopped on the phone and called phone support. I was on hold for 40 minutes before I gave up. I decided I’d just have to wait for them to respond to my support email. While I was waiting I decided to check out my characters in the WoW Armory. The first thing I noticed was a character that I hadn’t played in a month had a bunch of new achievements exploring various regions in the game after I had gone to bed. Then I looked at their gold and saw that all of my characters were basically broke. I had gone from having over 110,000 gold spread over 4 80+ characters to having collectively just under 300 gold. All of my characters had quit their respective guilds, and all of them but one had been moved to a different realm. They were missing most of their gear as it had been sold off to vendors. I sent another email to Blizzard updating them as to what I saw and they restored my account, characters and gold within few hours.

The dirty little secret about the gold selling industry is nowadays most of the gold that is for sale has come from compromised or hacked accounts. In other words a lot of the gold you find for sale was stolen from someone. I got to thinking what happened to those people that bought my gold from the thief? After some research I learned Blizzard will go back and effectively trace my transactions during the time the account was compromised and ban any account that was involved in a gold transfer. I was told they might be allowed to come back after a time out, but they wouldn’t be able to keep the gold they bought. So look at what can happen if you end up unknowingly buying stolen gold: you will get a time out and you will get the gold you purchased taken away from you. The gold thief will be the only one who comes out ahead on the deal because he got some sort of electronic payment upfront from you. I was also told if one of these accounts that was placed on a time out ever gets caught buying gold again it is a lifetime ban.

I put together this site because with a little help from one of the gold guides I reviewed it is relatively easy to make gold once you understand how the World of Warcraft economy works. Check out my reviews of the  Tycoon Addon or Hayden Hawke’s  guide and if you decided to buy one of those guides you won’t have to worry about where you gold you buying came from.

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    If I have to quit playing then It will be the perfect time to make some plans for the future and to be happy. Getting away from the Internet is not always a bad thing.

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